Your new home in

Clarks Beach awaits...

Join us on 24th November from 11.00am to 3.00pm

for an exclusive Clarks Beach Family Experience. 

ADMISSION is FREE, so tag along your friends and family for a day of fun at the beach.

until Clarks Beach Waterfront Estate's OPEN DAY

Have a great time at Clarks Beach and

enjoy the following on-site activities for you and your family.

Sand Dig

Enjoy what Clarks' beach has to offer by joining our Sand Dig at 12.30 PM.

Open House


Visit some of the stunning homes in Clarks Beach and feel the sense of serene family living.



Some sweets for more fun!

Lollie scramble at 12pm.


Stay energized and

always ready to have fun. 

Golf Carts

Go around the Clarks Beach Waterfront Estate and enjoy

beach-side community living.


Of course - grab a sausage and fuel up for more fun !


ADMISSION IS FREE plus get the chance to win exciting prizes.  

Clarks Beach Open Day
Nov 24, 2019, 11:00 AM GMT+13
Clarks Beach Waterfront Estate

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